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About Miss India Beauty Salon - Beauty Parlour Services at Home

Who doesn’t want to be young and beautiful? And in today’s scenario, when the corona has arrived, and due to lockdown or our busy schedule, we cannot go out for salon, then this salon at home Jaipur is the best option for us. Provide beauty parlour services at home

Miss India salon is a home salon in Jaipur that aims to build the most compelling home service company of the 21st century by offering the most Tech-enabled, affordable, hygienic, and premier services at the comfort of home. This salon made its services accessible for all with interesting offers by making them reasonably priced.

Our Packages of Beauty Parlour Services at Home

Haircut at Home​

Haircut at Home

To have a new hairstyle is like purchasing a new outfit for you. It’s a kind of treat for yourself, and if it looks great, it will boost your ego and confidence. We all deserve to give ourselves some love and pamper, which can be done with a nice haircut or by a hair spa. When our hair is cut and styled to accentuate our best features, you can do nothing but smile. It brings sparkle to your image.

After a long hectic schedule, we don’t get time for our Hair but want them to be silky, smooth, and beautiful, then home salon services in Jaipur will be the best option. You can have a nice haircut, hair wash, head massage, hair spa, Hair straitening, Hair rebonding, Hair smoothening, Keratin treatment, hair styling, anything. We will provide you with the best beauty parlour services at home in Jaipur.

Bridal Makeup

Apart from the wedding venue, the decoration, the ambience, and the bride’s dresses, people also pay a lot of attention to the Brideside’s makeup. This gives the Brideside’s outfit a finishing look or a final touch. Without good bridal makeup, a bride is half-ready. Therefore, bridal makeup needs to be directly on point – beautiful but very subtle and artistic. It should not be very over. As the big day approaches, brides should have a mental picture of how they want their makeup to look or what kind of hairstyle they want for their engagement ceremony. The bride has to be very different beautiful. Miss India salon helps you in this; it provides a salon at home in Jaipur. They provide all types of makeup facilities for your most important day like- Bridal Makeup, Engagement Makeup, Light makeup or Eye makeup.
Bridal Makeup​ service
Manicure and Pedicure ​

Manicure and Pedicure

Who doesn’t want beautiful hands and nails like celebrities? You can search for the best salon in Jaipur near me. And we will provide you with a home salon. Manicure and pedicure have many benefits also- like ongoing nail health, for a circulation boost, ensuring good condition, and as a de-stress element. Our main services in manicure and pedicure are -Regular manicure and pedicure, Aroma manicure and pedicure, and Paraffin manicure and pedicure service.

Skin Peeling

The peeling procedure is valuable for aged skin, photoaging, acne scars, and melasma. Pre-peeling skin preparation is very important and required to prepare the skin for this procedure. It can be archived by applying the mask. We provide you with the best parlour services at home in Jaipur. The caring of the skin after the procedure is also very important for the success of the treatment. For our beautiful skin, especially the face, we provide skin bleaching, Veg peel, fruit peel, and herbal peel service.

Skin Peeling ​
Herbal Body Spa

Herbal Body Spa

Just like how a piece of machinery needs to be oiled regularly, the body would require oil therapy for keeping its vital organs sane and healthy. Some oils and herbal massages are used consistently throughout many treatments. We are in a world where we deal with stress and pressure in every walk of life. And the physical environment has changed drastically beyond comparison. The body spa is required to beautify our skin also. We (miss India parlour) provide beauty parlour services at home in Jaipur. To make our body beautiful and charming, we provide Body polishing with herbal, Fresh fruit, and vegetable body polishing and raw milk polishing for dry skin services.


When we go out, the chances of getting sunburnt are also at an all-time high, which leads to skin tan. It gets tanned due to the sun’s UV rays, and if we are going to pool, the chlorine water also helps in tanning. And our skin is either look burnt or very dark and dull complexion. We, as a miss India salon, provide these detaining services also. Our services regarding detaining are Back detained (if just back has to be de tanned), face detail, front detain, full-body detain. We are providing the best salon services at home in Jaipur. Enjoy our services.

Party Makeup

Party Makeup

Makeup is generally used to change or enhance the way we look, feel much more confident, and hide our imperfections (though no one is perfect). Makeup can be explained as a cosmetic device to prettify or add colour to your face. We need light makeup on many occasions like kitty parties, evening meetings with friends, etc. we, as a miss India parlour, provide many types of party makeup like cocktail party makeup, wedding party makeup, kitty party makeup, evening party makeup, night party makeup. Search for the best salon services at home Jaipur, and we will provide you with the best makeup for your best day.


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